Thursday, January 25, 2007

Step It Up, a call to action on global warming

Working Films teamed with John Quigley of Spectral Q to direct a human aerial image encouraging the growing community concerned with the perils of global warming to take immediate action by stepping up our responses. This event launches a two-year audience and community engagement campaign organized by Working Films for the Sundance Film Festival film "Everything's Cool."

Approximately 1000 middle and elementary school students, along with the production team of Everything's Cool and some of the main characters in the film, formed a message with their bodies, spelling out "Step It Up." The image contains a circle with bear paws, representing carbon neutral footprints and a word in Inuktitut meaning: "I hear you and I am doing something about it."

Park City's students were sending a message back to the Arctic Inuit Community, where, as captured in Everything’s Cool, residents and activists on Earth Day 2005 lay on the Arctic Sea ice in 30 below temperatures sharing the ancient wisdom of their elders and warning the world about the devastating impact the melting arctic will have on the rest of the world.

"The themes and messages of this film arrive at such a critical moment in our struggle to see action on the issue of global warming," said Robert West, co-founder and executive directo
r of Working Films. "The image we're created today demonstrates that each individual is a necessary part of the chain for change; by linking together, we can create a call to action."

Working Films, Spectral Q and Cucolaris – who
specialize in social messaging – jointly coordinated the event. This is part of a series of aerial images linked to the STEP IT UP Day of Action; the next will be created in Greenland in May of this year to encourage individuals and corporations to go carbon neutral.

Photo credits: top left:
John Quigley, Spectral-Q; middle right: Working Films and Chris Pilaro

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Video by Jeremy Levine

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