Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Everything’s Cool is Stepping it Up at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

In support and recognition of Step It Up events happening nationwide on April 14th, Working Films and Toxic Comedy Pictures compiled the Everything's Cool activist preview DVD for Step It Up organizers and volunteers.
This limited release activist DVD features selected scenes and characters from EVERYTHING'S COOL includes Dr. Heidi Cullen, whistle blower Rick Piltz - and very cool coverage from Sundance, including news casts and behind-the-scenes footage of the 1000 school kids' aerial message that launched Step It Up.

Everything's Cool will premiere in the Southeast on April 13th at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina. After the screening, Step It Up organizers will be inviting the audience to participate in the Raleigh event on the state capital ground. In addition, the filmmakers and Wroking Films will also present a panel with The Inconvenient Truth on Sunday, April 15th at noon: "Reaching Out on Global Warming".

Wondering what to do AFTER your Step It Up event? Work with EVERYTHING'S COOL and keep the momentum going - Order your copy of the ACTIVIST PREVIEW DVD now!

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