Thursday, July 26, 2007

Global Warming goes Mainstream: NPR Climate Connections Series

Want to know what's happening to farmers on the Cape Verde Islands because of global warming? For info about how these islands off the coast of Africa, along with the rest of the world, are being affected by human fueled climate change you can tune into National Public Radio (NPR). On both their morning and afternoon news shows they are is doing a year long series called Climate Connections that features stories about "how climate changes people and how people change climate." In addition to the radio stories the Climate Connections website features interactive games and tools for learning more about your own carbon footprint and an archive of past stories.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me... All the planets are showing signs of GW, CO2 means food and crops grow better, man-made Co2 is approx 0.00114ppm,(thats all we'd remove if we took Co2 output to nothing worldwide) the software used to produce hockey stick graph comes out the same whatever numbers you feed in, the models are admitted to not model 50% of the climate variables, the IPCC is a political body to further political propoganda, Co2 rises approx. 800 years AFTER temp due to the sea taking that long to propogate out changes, bio-fuel is more polluting than oil (which i also don't agree with) and causes food shortages. I could go on and on and I'm nothing to do with any company and love and protect the environment. But I'm afraid this is proveable, in so many ways, nonsense. Its the sun.
Totally ridiculous and anti-humanitarian. you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves peddling this fairy tale!

Anonymous said...


or the motor and the heating and cooling complexities of the internal motor’s now empty cavities will change and spread the heat to new unforgiving surfaces causing collapse and flexing and swelling of the normally safe consistent, ore made structure , thus effecting the surrounding motors water flows.

Water and core Temperatures spike in spots with fast or slow motor rotation in unexpected areas due to cavity or thickness of spaces or water cycle inside water system due to season(climate) out side of motor(in that area).

-speed up motor with no oil to cool faster?
Or slow it down!! And add more oil.

Some body should REALLY Look at ground temperatures in the depleted oil areas and think maybe it is hot water there because there not oil there in addition to the normal equator heat. Maybe oil was formed there because it is a hot spot naturally . Maybe planet will cool around the same time oil reforms there again??? should we pump it out again at that time?

Kind of funny that the water in those areas is hot now and in adjacent areas the heat is up all compounding the tempreture in the the cab as the 2nd dary systems fail from the spikes in heat? We are looking at the water and saying speed it up!!to cool it , put more air on it make it more effcient water!! as coolant (algae)

Better put oil back I think.

Not take away cold water or put cold water on faster cycle that is now on slow cycle ???? or heat will go up and
seconday system will worsen!
Example Pump gas out of Indonesian shelf and it collapses making things out of balance across whole region.

No way to fix now better pump rest out? of remaining shelf?
Think put oil back in!! Cool Again!!

hot Water spikes go away with slower revs And oil back in not faster with no oil in

it just compounds to blow the radiator or soft point like the hose then blow the engine.
Then she’s all stopped for good.
4 sure this Gaia motor needs a good mechanic!! May even need heavier oil than before to reduce heat! Dan

I would like all seeking a solution out there to circulate this to every one of any importance on presenting it as one more thing we should be doing and looking at!!!!!!

P.S We are all stressing out about
methan releases , what happens when all the co2 gas they are pumping into oil cavities to stablize cardon credits comes back out in one day after pumping it down there for 20 years from now!!!!!!!! thats when you get a surprize!!boom gas instead of oil in hotspot@!!! read forever
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